Exercise project for the PHP course and the end of the first section - Full PHP Course - PHP 8

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We've reached the end of the first section of the course. Finally! This means that now we get to move on to more fun topics & actually work on a project. It may not seem so but we actually covered a lot of topics in this first section & there are a lot more tutorials/lessons on the way. There is a small exercise project that I will implement in the next video using things that we've learned so far. The project that we'll be working on is going to be a simple budgeting/expense tracking application, but because we have not covered all the necessary things to implement this now we will slowly add on features as I cover the related topics. We will start with a simple file parser that reads one or multiply CSV files & extracts transactions from them.

I really hope you enjoyed the first section of the course, please do let me know what you thought about it or if you have any kind of feedback. I have not recorded videos for the second section of the course yet & but will be recording them soon so it might be a couple of weeks before I start publishing videos for the second section of the course.

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